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Edinburgh International Festival: The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo

After much deliberation in Grassmarket, we agreed to eat at The Black Bull where I had my first taste of the nationally distributed IPA, Deuchar’s.  It was much subtler than the micro-brewed IPAs I am used to (and prefer) and, being a pub ale, it was served flat and mostly warm. Deuchar’s certainly fit the […]

Edinburgh International Festival: Grassmarket

After Kim and I had landed a total dream job, we asked our boss if he would extend our tickets a week so that we could travel somewhere after the trek. He quite willingly obliged Initially, we thought to hop on a train from Manchester and cruise north to Scotland. My parents visited there a […]

Movember Day 14: (un)Lucky Floor

Sideways Stories From Wayside School is a collection of shorts for young readers from my childhood. Anybody who is around 30 years old probably remembers it. Never was it a hit like Harry Potter or Twilight, but it sure got some of the dorks excited when it came time to read it. Anyway, the school was […]

Mountain Biking & The Highest Form of Research

The high today was about 30F. Not terribly warm, but not as cold as it could have been. More importantly, it was sunny. I bundled up (which included coercing neoprene booties over my cycling shoes) and headed for the trail with my dog in tow. I pedaled, he ran (often times stopping immediately in front […]

England Trek: Bustle, Inertia, Integration, Favorites

I’ve backpacked hundreds and hundreds of miles. I’ve hiked and climbed thousands of feet in the alpine. I’ve walked innumerable city blocks. I’ve trained for and run many a foot race. I rode my bicycle from Sandpoint, Idaho to Phoenix, Arizona. So when I got asked to guide this trek in Europe, not only was […]

The Solace of Travel

 As long as he was merely pulling down the curtain of one landscape behind him and raising that of another in front of him, as long as he was merely driving, he did not need to make plans for the future, to decide how he should live, or even whether he should live. The above […]

Leavenworth, Washington

Leavenworth, Washington: Gateway to the Enchantments. Backcountry skier’s delight. Alpine climber’s Valhalla. Boulderer’s sending ground. Beer drinker’s garden. Faux-Bavarian paradise. Leavenworth sprouted its unremarkable beginnings as a timber community in the late 1800s. Great North Railroad chose Leavenworth as its headquarters until the 1920s when it relocated to Wenatchee, about 20 miles away. This relocation […]


In the past couple of days I read an article on wand’rly entitled “How to Make a Living on the Road” ( It’s a collection of inspiring interviews from people who have traded in their nine-to-fives and mortgages for fifth-wheels and mobile-web access. These odyssean adventurers have embraced a traditionally retrograde lifestyle (that is usually […]

Hello World; it’s time to have an adventure.

Some number of years ago a friend dubbed me, “Captain of Adventures.” At the time, I didn’t take the title very seriously. I was just doing what I do; that is to say living on the fringe of society doing things that “fringers” do. Most notably at that time I had sold my vehicle and […]