Sometimes, to view the extraordinary, we need not travel any further than our own living room.

Sunday morning, we were sipping coffee, admiring the wintry beauty in our yard. Suddenly, the dog ran into the living room, whining and crying.

“Moose!” I said as I plopped my coffee down.

We ran into the living room (a mere 2 meter sprint), and were greeted with this creature:


Though I was wearing just my sweatpants, I threw on my jacket and shoes, and ran outside. I tracked the moose all the way up my street. Not wanting to scare her I missed the perfect shot of it lumbering down the sidewalk. I tracked her from behind my truck, then ran ninja-style up the street to be nearly next to her. These are some of the shots:

This moose has been in our neighborhood for at least three years. We named her Henrietta. Why, I’m not sure. Our neighbor’s working theory is that she is actually Henrietta’s grandchild because Henrietta was so much bigger.

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