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Movember: ‘Stache Bash

For a number of years my friends and I put on a ‘Stache Bash in June. It started as the typical end of winter celebration. Dudes shear their beards into mustaches. Babes paint of paste mustaches on their upper lips. Shoot, even dogs got in on the action. As the even grew from its humble […]

Mountain Biking & The Highest Form of Research

The high today was about 30F. Not terribly warm, but not as cold as it could have been. More importantly, it was sunny. I bundled up (which included coercing neoprene booties over my cycling shoes) and headed for the trail with my dog in tow. I pedaled, he ran (often times stopping immediately in front […]

Movember 10: Alexander the Great and Rue

I’m nearly one-third of the way through this thing, and already I hate it. I hate the shaving. I hate the generally putting energy into my appearance. By no means am I slovenly, but, as previously stated nor do I shave this much. I mean, good lord. Alexander the Great promoted shaving in his troops, […]

Movember: Meet Slim

In an effort to keep Movember moderately interesting, I present, Slim. I figured, the progress is so painstakingly slow, I might as well offer my other hair style deviations. Slim has been growing for over a year, but I twist him so much that he breaks off. I know, this entire post is ridiculous and […]

England Trek: Bustle, Inertia, Integration, Favorites

I’ve backpacked hundreds and hundreds of miles. I’ve hiked and climbed thousands of feet in the alpine. I’ve walked innumerable city blocks. I’ve trained for and run many a foot race. I rode my bicycle from Sandpoint, Idaho to Phoenix, Arizona. So when I got asked to guide this trek in Europe, not only was […]

Movember: Day 8

It’s officially, totally, undeniably, absolutely, without-a-doubt, a moustache. Check out my movember page if you feel compelled to donate to the cause:  

Movember: Day 7

Progress is miserably slow.

The Solace of Travel

¬†As long as he was merely pulling down the curtain of one landscape behind him and raising that of another in front of him, as long as he was merely driving, he did not need to make plans for the future, to decide how he should live, or even whether he should live. The above […]

Movember 6: Election Day

Ode to ‘Stache handle-less broom no room for cream, lest I want to stash lipids in my ‘stache   it feels so wrong, it looks so right   good ‘stache good ‘stache guide us tonight

Death of an Acer: Infidelity in the Shadows

Alas poor Acer, I knew her well. My Acer died today. Well, not entirely. See, I think it probably got another virus of some sort. I got the blue screen of death when I booted it up, then damn near nothing. Some kind of error message and my cursor alone. Now that she has died, […]