Movember Day 16: It is your destiny…

Yesterday, I had my first affirmation of this project. I saw a friend on the street and she chuckled and quipped, “Nice Movember!”

Which, after yesterday’s post certainly bolstered my spirits a bit in this endeavor. Not to mention stumbling upon a four-disc Stevie Wonder collection entitled “At The Close of a Century”; I’m listening to it as I write. Talk about inspiration! Plus, Stevie has rocked a killer mustache for years:







I digress. Now, just because I received a compliment on my ‘stache doesn’t mean I’m going to rock it permanently. Fact is, I’ve never seen my father without a mustache. But he can rock it. In fact he tells the story that he once shaved it off and picked me mom up for a date. She told him never to do it again! But perhaps it’s in my genes.

Then again, perhaps not:

Finally, as an added bonus: Superstition (Keep an eye out for the hair-swinging five year-old; she’s rules.)

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