Movember Day 14: (un)Lucky Floor

Sideways Stories From Wayside School is a collection of shorts for young readers from my childhood. Anybody who is around 30 years old probably remembers it. Never was it a hit like Harry Potter or Twilight, but it sure got some of the dorks excited when it came time to read it.

Anyway, the school was all kinds of wacky. It was supposed to have a single story building with thirty classrooms. The confused foreman read the plans wrong and constructed a building thirty stories tall the width of a classroom. Sheesh. And he was superstitious to boot. Which means no 13th floor.

Which is my reasoning for not Movembering yesterday. Oh, and this link that one of movembering friends sent me today:

Movember or Molester?

However, that silly and presumptuous post won’t deter me today.

Behold: the silhouette of the hairs on my face:

Yes, I know, it’s quite impressive. It reminds me of a poem posted on my microwave from the Mustache Magnetic Poetry Kit:

Well, that’s what I have for today’s Movember Madness. Expect a Movember Montage in a future post.

And do keep checking back for quality travel posts. I’ve been working a lot lately to get a small travel company off the ground, much of which involves writing. When that is officially launched, I will continue to publish on my adventures. Thanks for your support!


  1. You too have received that nice compliment, I’m being called molester since Sunday.

    1. Yep. “Molestache” seems to be a favorite way to describe my mustache. Oh well. It’s all part-and-parcel of the whole deal.

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