Danger: (Learning) Curves Ahead

After some small delays, my MacBook Pro arrived this afternoon. in spite of my best manifestation powers, I was unable to summon it any sooner.

So, here I sit, one sleek laptop richer (in the dark with an illuminated keyboard, I might add), and $1500 poorer. As I have sat and fiddled with the machine most of the evening, I know that I am quite content with the purchase.

The learning curve is steep, but not unbearably so. It is, like anything else, a matter of practice, patience, and time. Already, by consulting the apple website I have found a number of inordinately helpful pages (keyboard shortcuts, how to use Spaces in Lion).

If anybody has suggestions for this convert, I am rapt with attention.

Signing off,



  1. I’ve been using Mac since 2000, never going back to windows.

  2. doubt I’ll ever go back to windows either…I won’t say I’ll never go back, you just never know with Mr. Jobs being gone now.

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