Movember: ‘Stache Bash

For a number of years my friends and I put on a ‘Stache Bash in June. It started as the typical end of winter celebration. Dudes shear their beards into mustaches. Babes paint of paste mustaches on their upper lips. Shoot, even dogs got in on the action. As the even grew from its humble beginnings, it transformed into a costume party of sorts. It’s all people (in our little group) talked about for months. During spring skiing, you’d run into an acquaintance on the hill and they’d ask about ‘Stachy (as it came to be affectionately called), building enthusiasm, excitement, intrigue.

That’s how I feel about Movember. The site allows those in the know to create their own events either as a kick-off or a wrap-up to the month. The only problem that I foresee is the fact that there are no events near me. Nor do I have time to pull off an event like this.

Alas, next year, perhaps, I shall cultivate a ‘Stashe Bash worthy of its predecessors. A ‘Stache Bash that merits T-shirts. A ‘Stache Bash that merits live music. A ‘Stache Bash that merits fundraising and fun!

Here are a couple of gems from previous ‘Stache Bashes. Enjoy! And remember: Grow on and Mo on.

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