Movember: Meet Slim

In an effort to keep Movember moderately interesting, I present, Slim.


I figured, the progress is so painstakingly slow, I might as well offer my other hair style deviations. Slim has been growing for over a year, but I twist him so much that he breaks off.

I know, this entire post is ridiculous and testimony to my tepid insanity.

I paid for a haircut today. My second paid trim in about seven years. I emphatically asked the stylist to avoid trimming my rat tail (I couldn’t bring myself to call it Slim for her). She did so diligently. Once she had finished, she spun me around in the chair and asked me, blushing, “Is your rat tail O.K.? Or do you want it thinner?”

She meant to say slimmer.


  1. I tried that years ago, didn’t have the patience.

    1. Tell me about it. I am used to cutting my own hair. I haven’t since I’ve had this thing. Which is definitely working against him.

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