Death of an Acer: Infidelity in the Shadows

Alas poor Acer, I knew her well.

My Acer died today. Well, not entirely. See, I think it probably got another virus of some sort. I got the blue screen of death when I booted it up, then damn near nothing. Some kind of error message and my cursor alone.

Now that she has died, I must confess: I had not been entirely faithful to her.

No, some number of months ago I began an affair. You see, I had begun to play with a MacBook Pro, and sadly, though I tasted it little, its nectar was sweeter.

I made secret phone calls. I looked surreptitiously at photos of it online (right above Acer’s nose). I had daydreams and fantasies. I coveted what was not mine.

In fact, last night, I was speaking with a business associate who offered to share some design templates with me. He asked what kind of computer I had, I said with feigned enthusiasm (for I knew she was listening), “An Acer!”

He responded, “Oh too bad. I’m on Mac.”

“Yes, I’ve been wanting to make the switch, but I’m too broke.”

And low and behold, this morning, Acer was broke. Broken-hearted. Broken-processored. Broken-by-virus. Who knows?

The only certain thing is that my new love affair begins Friday. And that I will have an awkward transition with Acer.

You see, I offered to donate her to my school if my boss would be willing to pay for its repair (Which is not entirely selfless; Acer’s repair will allow me to retrieve the slew of files I had not backed up).

And so, like the couple who cannot say it’s over, I shall lie with Acer yet again before I say my final goodbye.


  1. Your going to love your Mac. I went to one over a year ago and wouldn’t have anything else.

  2. Peter · · Reply

    There are two kinds of people: those who use Macs and those who haven’t tried one yet.

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